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Why working on your idea is most important in Writing?

Essay in 30 minutes, Not 40

The better the ideas, the better the coherence. Writing is not only about grammar and vocabulary but a good essay also includes a good task response. Ideas helps to make task response rich. Also, better structure of idea saves time.

Kill 2 birds with 1 Stone

By expanding your ideas with relevant examples and details, you’ll demonstrate a greater level of fluency and coherence, which are essential components of a high-scoring response in not only writing but also speaking module.

Knowing better than jumping

Countless students start writing without knowing what to write. It is like driving to a destination without using google maps. Generating ideas gives you that map

Why this Masterclass is super-efficient?

Idea Machine

Use my proven method to generate various ideas. Learn to prepare blue print of essay before writing and save valuable time.

Ideas to statements

How to convert ideas into statements. How to write statements that convey the meaning of a single idea most appropriately. How to elaborate them through examples.

Task response and ideas relevance

Learn about thinking what essay wants from you. Which ideas will increase your task response band descriptor.

Background and research

This course is the result of years of experience in teaching thousands of students by more than 50+ IELTS trainers and discussing with hundreds of IELTS experts

Beginner to Advance

How this course will help everybody from a 4 band learner to a 6 band learner.

Tips and Tricks

Every writing strategy has tricks. Learn to use shortcuts but in an organic and smart ways.

Why IELTS Made Easy?

Years Of Experience

At IELTS MADE EASY, we bring together a cumulative experience of 20+ years πŸš€ in English Language Teaching, empowering you with the knowledge and strategies needed to conquer the IELTS exam. Our team knows exactly what to teach and how to teach it, ensuring you achieve your targeted band score. With comprehensive resources and personalized guidance, IELTS MADE EASY is your ultimate destination for a seamless IELTS preparation journey. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure together and make your IELTS dreams a reality! 🎯

Who Should Enrol?

IELTS Aspirants

If you’re aiming 🎯 to achieve a score of 7+ bands in IELTS, this live session is tailor-made for you. Whether you’re a beginner or have attempted the exam before, the valuable insights and strategies shared in this session will propel you towards success.

Self-Study Seekers

If you’ve been self-studying πŸ“š for IELTS but feel the need for expert guidance and proven techniques, this session is your chance to level up your preparation. Learn from a seasoned IELTS expert who has personally tested and perfected the strategies you need to excel.

Dissatisfied Test Takers

f you have previously taken the IELTS exam and felt dissatisfied 😞 with your results, it’s time for a fresh approach. Enroll in this session to gain a new perspective, uncover effective techniques, and bridge the gaps in your preparation.

Writing Module Worriers

If the IELTS writing ✍️ module gives you sleepless nights and you struggle with structuring essays or generating ideas, this session will equip you with the skills and methods to tackle any writing task confidently.

Time-Pressed Students

If you have limited time ⏳ for IELTS preparation and need to optimize your efforts, this session offers a concentrated dose of high-impact strategies. Make the most of your available time and focus on the techniques that yield the best results.

Motivated Learners

If you’re driven, committed, and eager 🌟 to give your best shot at the IELTS exam, this live session will provide the inspiration, guidance, and resources you need to succeed. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and embark on this transformative journey together.

Who is Sonam Sandhu?

If ‘IELTS MADE EASY’ was a movie, I’d be the undeniable protagonist! 🎬✨ The story is intriguing enough to win an award (not an Oscar, though! πŸ˜„). Let’s skip the drama and get to the point: I wanted to conquer IELTS, but after feeling dissatisfied with multiple institutes, I took matters into my own hands. πŸ’ͺ✍️ Hard work paid off, and now I’m here to share my tested dialogues and help you succeed. Welcome to IELTS MADE EASY, where I run the script! πŸŽ₯🌟


Get ready for a game-changing experience with our 2-hour live session! Designed to transform your IELTS journey, this power-packed session holds the key to unlocking your full potential. Join us and witness firsthand! πŸ’ͺ

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